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The Community Revolution

Consumer demands are propelling changes in the food supply that are safe, transparent, personalized, and sustainable. Vertical farming is a relatively recent development that can allow us to grow crops in a controlled environment and provide an alternative approach to conventional farming. With the climate emergency, deforestation and biodiversity crisis becoming increasingly pressing a shift away from conventional agriculture towards indoor food production will disrupt the planet. Pursuing carbon efficiency in agriculture is going to be transformational and will fast-track disruptive agricultural innovation. People are looking for a different way to eat, something that is sustainable, healthy, ethical, and vertical farming can fill in the gaps for people seeking primarily a plant based diet.
Urban community vertical farming has unearthed a myriad of multi-purpose solutions that enable prosperous resilient urban lifestyles at scale. If agriculture as an industry accepts the net-zero challenge we need to be prepared to adapt accordingly - indoor production is inevitable for a variety of crops.