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Community Vertical Farming

We started greenspace as technologists who were simply looking for a healthier traceable way to eat fresher food. We saw an opportunity to create a business where quality was never sacrificed for convenience and new sustainable distribution models were needed to disrupt an industry.
Greenspace wants to make community vertical farming accessible to everyone leveraging cutting-edge technology to grow local food in a new and better way. Greenspace develops, implements and licences sustainable connected farms that minimize the need for land, water, energy and pesticides that add value to surrounding real estate. Our networked controlled growing environments apply bright innovative ways to data analytics. Integrated edible green infrastructure helps consumers have access at all times to sufficient, safe and nutritious food. At scale we address the challenges of climate impact and changes in consumer food demand with traceable food production farming systems that help relieve pressure on scarce land, resources and boost biodiversity reducing waste with zero food miles.
We are fundamentally a technology company enabling local food production in cities to generate new freshly grown crops and ESG from non-yielding building space at scale providing a sustainable, financially viable service of meaningful value to the local community. We provide services including site identification, site preparation, site planning, farm installation and ongoing infrastructure support and servicing commitments. Our networked fully operational MacroFarms is accompanied by mobile MicroFarm cabinets that showcase fresh produce for retail, distribution and educational purposes. Greenspace is activating commercially networked farms that reduce many of the environmental impacts of conventional agriculture with a focus on improving a buildings sustainability performance. No more nutrient loss, transport, or waste for tastier and healthier food that can be harvested all year round across the world's greatest cities.