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Carbon Positive Community Vertical Farms

Today, urban vertical farming is a small part of global food production, but it has the potential to play an important and additive role in the food system of tomorrow. Increasing population, urbanization and limited resources offers unique opportunities around local food, safe food, and supply chain resilience. We design, construct and licence premium affordable turn-key operational climate controlled farms mitigating our CO2 footprint addressing climate change.
People all over the world are feeling the effects of climate breakdown, from unprecedented heatwaves, droughts and massive wildfires to some of the most damaging floods and storms ever seen. The warnings from the scientific community are now becoming real life experiences. The terms carbon neutral and net-zero are often used interchangeably but there are differences. The term net-zero includes not just CO2 and methane but also nitrous oxide, which is emitted during agricultural and industrial activities as well as from fossil fuels. Food miles are not only a contributor to GHG-emissions but they are also part of a phenomenon of anonymization of food production, detaching the consumer from its source. Sustainable urban farming through hydroponics, aquaponics and aeroponics thus brings food production closer to its consumers. Our focus is to transform the global food industry with disruptive food systems to support changes in consumer demand for less processed foods with more locally-sourced produce, and reduce transportation and processing that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, energy usage and food wastage.