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Our live dashboard of data, metrics and tools is designed to monitor installed climate controlled vertical farms driving operating system efficiencies to buy locally grown fresh food. Our team have been growing and refining our organic practices for the past two years reflecting a grow to order concept. What we have discovered was an amazing world of nutrient dense, convenient food that reduces food waste and food miles. We use intelligent AI cloud-driven machinery - IOT, sensors, machinery, blockchain, data analysis, high-tech self-regulating farming system to attain high yield, high sustainability, and high traceability for food security.
Greenspace has worked extensively with market leading control automation experts to design and engineer the cutting edge proprietary automation system that monitors and controls the perfect environmental conditions, utilizing the latest in open source building automation and IoT technologies. Environmental conditions and trends are stored locally and posted to the Greenspace Platform where further monitoring and in depth analysis can be reviewed then altered back in the field to ensure optimal growing environments conditions are maintained.
We quantify the environmental, social and governance benefits with the implementation of vertical farms in the built environment that are designed to be positioned anywhere..We connect building owners, farmers and the community.
If your interested in viewing the Beta platform please contact us