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    Activate impactful innovation in sustainability today. Imagine on-site food production generating nutrient dense organic produce that can be delivered daily to tenants, local cafes, and supermarkets across your portfolio.

    Greenspace understands the importance of driving real innovation in real estate. From owners and managers of property portfolios to investors and tenants, delivering on sustainability is critical. Together with our property partners our vision is to shape the future of real estate through embedding sustainability throughout entire portfolios, and at the same time optimising under-utilised space to enhance asset values and delivering impactful services to tenants.

    Greenspace is the leading force in activating on-site vertical farming infrastructure with climate-resilient farming practices. Fresh locally produced food within close proximity to where people live and work delivering many environmental, social, and economic advantages. Our networked vertical farms aim to eliminate the carbon footprint stapled to the fresh food value chain, and at the same time generate yields on unused space.Our platform provides real-time portfolio wide access to these metrics via our dashboard.The sustainable nature of this approach can help reduce food movements in big cities, our ecological footprint, influence certification, building ratings and urban planning projects. and benefit urban communities. Promoting food security and sustainable food production connects people to their food, educating the communities about food production and creating a future for local, fresh production of food in urbanised areas.

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    Welcome to the next generation of cloud-enabled farming

    We welcome all planet-passionate farmers to join our sustainable farming revolution. Our city based vertical farms use no pesticides, almost no water, and deliver superior quality nutrient dense food year-round to provide tenants, the community and the restaurants chefs with the freshest possible ingredients by growing onsite. Greenspace farms harness the most advanced technology, expert support, and high growth distribution channels to bring your vision of an indoor farm to life. Our custom farm system, maintenance, training support, and supplemental consumables make it as easy as possible to get you growing. We are your vertical farming experts.

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    Support your local community, optimise your health, and elevate your meals in mere seconds

    We are a tech company focused on delivering a scalable network of smart farms delivering beautiful sustainable food. Our passion is to change the way food is grown and delivered to improve our health and our planet. Accredited farmers deliver harvest-to-order gourmet living greens that are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals making it ideal to supplement any of your comfort foods. Spice up your meals with a fresh kick of flavour, texture, and complexity. Whether you are a foodie, amateur chef, or trying to add a healthy spark into your families meals, fresh baby leaf, herbs and microgreens are an exciting way to tackle all three!

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  • Australias first networked vertical farming platform

    The pandemic has accelerated demand for food quality and availability across Australia and New Zealand. Delivering straight to the customers door and growing locally we eliminate food miles, and by growing to order we eliminate food waste. Greenspace intends to facilitate huge quantities of nutritious and quality fresh food without relying on favorable weather, high water usage, skilled labor, and high soil fertility. Our farming network is designed to position the Australian fresh food production of the future. This means eliminating the complex and hugely inefficient product value chain, and replacing this with a scalable solution that is superior in every way. Our farming infrastructure has been designed by the best in the country and the results speak for themselves. Our crop development has been led by the best in the country and the market has confirmed this, from taste to price to freshness.

    Developing the right partnerships and combining benefits of vertical farming to create self-sufficient buildings has been a key priority for our team and this does not happen without being able to demonstrate passion, depth of knowledge, and an executable vision. We are proud to build partnerships with the largest property players in Australia, the leaders in the food industry, and powerhouses in the vertical farming technology space. Importantly, we have avoided the expensive and inflexible vertical farming models that will never prove financially viable. We are your vertical farming experts.

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