The Greenspace Microfarm

Community Vertical Farming

As we stride into the sustainability-driven landscape of 2024, the urgency to address environmental challenges is undeniable. Embrace the call to action by championing ESG and steering your focus towards impactful initiatives.

At Greenspace, we don't merely observe; we lead the way in instigating profound environmental change in workplaces.

Amid the sustainability pain points of our time, Greenspace emerges as a trailblazer, dedicated to assisting you in quantifying and highlighting your commitment to sustainability. Let us empower your journey towards a greener future while making a tangible difference within your workplace.


Our goal is clear:


Reinvent the agricultural system to enhance human well-being and preserve our natural environment. 

How? The list is long, but we will keep it short.

  • Up to 95% less water usage
  • Zero food miles - Locally grown and distribute

  • Highly nutrient dense produce
  • No pesticides or chemicals
  • Eliminate land degradation/clearing
  • Drastically reduce food waste
  • Eco-friendly packaging

Integrate an edible garden into your office and enjoy sustainable, locally grown, and nutrient dense produce.

How does it work?

1. Greenspace installs a Microfarm into your office space. (All we need is a standard power outlet)

2. A weekly on-foot delivery to replenish with ready-to-harvest produce. (You can select what crop and the plants continue to grow)

3. Enjoy delicious living nutrient dense produce. (Perfect for catering, work meals, at home, in drinks, and more)

Want to learn more?

Click the button below to visit your local Macrofarm and meet the team!


Sydney Macrofarm Location (Sussex St, Sydney)

Sydney Map Macrofarm

Melbourne Macrofarm Location (City Rd, Southbank)


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